Keefer’s Class’ Compositions

Amah’s Song #10

Biancastell’s Song

Into the Music

Many Snatches

Kyle’s Song

Carter’s Song

Hailey’s Song

Jack’s Song

Kellen’s Song

Anthony’s Song

Funkyzeit Freakout Bonanza

Music Presentation

Peter’s Song

Sina’s Song

William’s Song

Abigail’s Dubstep

Samantha’s song (2)

2015-11-23 – Dillon Piano

Andrew’s Song

Wade’s Class’ Compositions


Jack’s Song

Angel’s Song

The Piano Song

Cool Fire


Isabelle’s Song

Landon’s Song

Melisa’s Song


Yoshi vs Master Hand

Abigail’s Song

Dragon Doodles


My Song

Reeece’s Song


My First Song

The Small Flea

Lokai’s awsome 2nd dubstep song

Nadine’s song #2

Sophie W song

Think Like a Composer!


The Fourth and Fifth Graders are working on their own musical compositions.  This is in response to the exciting new changes to the National Core Music standards, which now emphasize creating music.  Each student has been given a worksheet to help them structure their projects and they have been introduced to a Chrome app called, Soundtrap, which gives students a very easy way to put sounds together.

You may download the worksheet by clicking here.

Keep checking in!  I’ll be posting many of the fourth and fifth graders’ compositions!

We Got Our Violins from the District!


Sometimes everything really does work out perfectly!  We had no string instruments when we began our orchestra program this year.  Fortunately, I was able to borrow ten violins that were being used by Woodmere Elementary School’s SUN Program.  This November we got the violins we requested and a week later the owners of the violins needed them back.

However, we are now needing to get the contracts and the $75 instrumental rental fee to the district as soon as possible.  You may turn these in at the school’s main office and they will put them in my box.  I sent home contracts with the violins, but I have more copies to send home in case those got lost.  Just let me know. ~~~~ Dr. Bob