Let’s Explore the World through Music!


I’m excited about getting back to exploring the world and its many cultures through wonderful music again this year!   The first two weeks of school will be spent getting reacquainted, going over the class rules and learning about the music that Forest Park students hear at home.


What music do you listen to?

What do your parents listen to?

What do your grandparents listen to?

What other sounds do you hear at home?

We will experience some of the music the students share with the class during the first two weeks of school.  Right after that the fourth and fifth grade students will create  their own pieces on the Chrome music application, Sountrap.  Forest Park students will begin this school year thinking like composers; always looking forward to listening to new and inspiration sounds to integrate into their future compositions.

Third and fourth grade students will be participating in an exciting project called The Carnegie Hall – Oregon Symphony Link Up Concert.  These students will be participating with students from two other districts in a performance with the Oregon Symphony at the Arlene Schitzer Concert Hall on May 4th this year!  More details will follow….

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