The Orchestra Rocks! – Carnegie Hall/Oregon Symphony Link-Up Concert May 4, 2016




About Link Up


Link Up, a program of Carnegie Hall’s Weill Music Institute, guides students and

teachers in grades 3–5 through a yearlong exploration of orchestral repertoire.

Students will sing and play soprano recorder or string instruments while learning

basic musical concepts and composing their own music. Linking your classroom

to the concert hall, this program provides extensive standards-based teacher and

student materials and culminates in an interactive orchestral concert in which

students sing or play soprano recorder or string instruments from their seats.


Welcome to The Orchestra Rocks


One universal element of music is rhythm. Composers and musicians play

with elements of musical time, creating patterns of sound and silence that are

expressive and exciting. A consistent groove can unite musicians, singers, and

audiences in an experience of listening and performing together. Through

the Link Up repertoire, hands-on activities, and a culminating interactive

performance with a professional orchestra, we will discover how the orchestra



How does an orchestra rock?

Key Objectives

Students will

• perform by singing and playing the soprano recorder or string instruments

as soloists, small ensembles, and orchestra

• analyze and interpret the essential structures of rhythm and groove

• connect with the orchestra and explore instruments, families, and


• compose and notate new music with our host, Thomas Cabaniss, using the

concert music as models

• develop their imaginative capacities and make personal connections to

the music

Think Like a Composer!

beethovenFourth and Fifth grade music students (and Brown’s Third grade students) are beginning the school year by composing their own music!  It’s very simple when we use a program called, Soundtrap.  They can paste together prerecorded loops and/or make their own recordings.  This is a cross-platform program that can work on any computer, so students can keep working on their pieces at home, using the Google account that they have received from Ms. Gardner.  Go to and have fun!

Bridge and Bow Class – 2016

picture1We warmly welcome Ms. Deborah Brown to the Forest Park Community as our new strings teacher.  Please see the details below:

Class Cost: $160 per term

Instructor:  Deborah R. Brown

 A Professional Violist and Orchestra Teacher

When Deborah lived in Charlotte, North Carolina, she taught orchestra in the Charlotte Mecklenburg School System. While teaching orchestra, she was a freelance violist with several symphonies in the North Carolina. Before she matriculated at Duke Divinity School, she taught General Music in the Durham Public School System. She has toured with an orchestra as a violist to France, Switzerland, Germany, and Italy.  Currently, she teaches chamber music to youth, and private viola and violin lessons for all ages.

Training/Education in Music

Masters of Music Education:  Winthrop University

Bachelor of Music:  University of Rochester Eastman School of Music

High School Diploma with a Concentration in Viola: University of North Carolina School of the Arts formerly known as North Carolina School of the Arts

 Title for Class: Bridge and Bow

Class length: One hour

Day: Wednesdays

Age of Students: 3rd grade and up

Rentals: Students will have to obtain rentals (David Kerr Violin Shop)

Private Lessons: Available at a separate cost

Class Description: The objective of Bridge and Bow is to develop a student’s appreciation and enjoyment of music, and to help a student demonstrate his/her appreciation and enjoyment with a string instrument. The class will be divided into technique development and performance.  The first half of the class focuses on foundational aspects of producing a clean sound, rich tone, and accurate pitch production. During the second half of class, the students will learn a piece of music that provides opportunities for the student to apply the newly learned techniques.

Practice and Preparation:  Learning an instrument is fun, and requires practice and family support. A student’s practicing habits will accelerate the student’s progress in Bridge and Bow. It is up to the parents and the student to determine how long and how frequently the student practices.  The objective of Bridge and Bow is for the student to maximize the teachings during the group lesson, then to practice outside of the classroom setting. Outside preparation and practice contribute to the student’s success.  If you need ideas and suggestions, I would be happy to share them with you.

Forest Park Band and Orchestra Program


Dear Students and Parents of the Forest Park Community:    

Welcome to another exciting year of band and orchestra at Forest Park Elementary!  I am happy to welcome a new strings teacher to our program: Ms. Deborah Brown.  She will be teaching this program through the After-School Enrichment program, so participating students will need to register for those classes through their website.  The cost will be $160 for each term.

Fifth grade band will meet at 7:15 AM – 7:45 AM on Mondays (beginning on September 26th) with make-ups on Tuesday when Mondays fall on school holidays.

Fourth grade band will meet at 7:15 AM – 7:45 AM on Wednesday mornings (beginning on September 28th).

Strings classes will meet at 2:15 – 3:15 PM on Wednesday afternoons (beginning on September 28th).

There are a limited number of school instruments available to rent, including flutes, clarinets, cornets (trumpet), trombones, violins, violas and cellos.  We will ask for more instruments from the district as the need arises.

Instrument rental is $75 for the school year.  They must be returned before the summer, but we will reserve fourth grade students’ instruments for rental during the following year.  I have printed out contracts for instrument rental, but you may download the contract and more detailed information about the process from:  Be sure to fill out the form completely and get it to me ASAP.  You may bring these completed forms to the office so that may be put in my box.

 Keep in mind that you will likely get a better instrument and better maintenance for it if you rent the instrument from a local music store.  These usually rent for around $20 per month.  Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing an instrument so I may help you find the best instrument for the best price.  Often students will use instruments pass down from a sibling, parent or grandparent.  I recommend taking these to an instrument repair shop to make sure they are in working order.  Instruments may develop problems over time even when they are not being used.

Euphoniously Yours,

Dr. Bob Price

…and the Winners Are…!

Here is a list of songs that came up the most in our all-school survey, asking what students listen to at home:

Beatles – Yellow Submarine – YouTube

Counting Stars – OneRepublic (Lyrics) – YouTube

4th Grade Uptown Funk Kidz Bop – YouTube

Roar by Katy Perry Lyrics – YouTube

Lost Boy Lyric Ruth B – YouTube

Kongos – Come with me now lyrics – YouTube

Fight Song – Rachel Platten | Lyrics – YouTube

Alicia Keys – Girl On Fire ( lyrics ) – YouTube

we will rock you by QUEEN with lyrics – YouTube

Owl City – Fireflies (lyrics) – YouTube

Pink – Just Like Fire (Lyrics) – YouTube

Justin Timberlake – Can’t Stop the Feeling ( Lyrics Video ) – YouTube

Imagine Dragons – Radioactive – LYRICS on Screen – YouTube

I heard some wonderful singing as we sang these songs this week!