Bridge and Bow Class – 2016

picture1We warmly welcome Ms. Deborah Brown to the Forest Park Community as our new strings teacher.  Please see the details below:

Class Cost: $160 per term

Instructor:  Deborah R. Brown

 A Professional Violist and Orchestra Teacher

When Deborah lived in Charlotte, North Carolina, she taught orchestra in the Charlotte Mecklenburg School System. While teaching orchestra, she was a freelance violist with several symphonies in the North Carolina. Before she matriculated at Duke Divinity School, she taught General Music in the Durham Public School System. She has toured with an orchestra as a violist to France, Switzerland, Germany, and Italy.  Currently, she teaches chamber music to youth, and private viola and violin lessons for all ages.

Training/Education in Music

Masters of Music Education:  Winthrop University

Bachelor of Music:  University of Rochester Eastman School of Music

High School Diploma with a Concentration in Viola: University of North Carolina School of the Arts formerly known as North Carolina School of the Arts

 Title for Class: Bridge and Bow

Class length: One hour

Day: Wednesdays

Age of Students: 3rd grade and up

Rentals: Students will have to obtain rentals (David Kerr Violin Shop)

Private Lessons: Available at a separate cost

Class Description: The objective of Bridge and Bow is to develop a student’s appreciation and enjoyment of music, and to help a student demonstrate his/her appreciation and enjoyment with a string instrument. The class will be divided into technique development and performance.  The first half of the class focuses on foundational aspects of producing a clean sound, rich tone, and accurate pitch production. During the second half of class, the students will learn a piece of music that provides opportunities for the student to apply the newly learned techniques.

Practice and Preparation:  Learning an instrument is fun, and requires practice and family support. A student’s practicing habits will accelerate the student’s progress in Bridge and Bow. It is up to the parents and the student to determine how long and how frequently the student practices.  The objective of Bridge and Bow is for the student to maximize the teachings during the group lesson, then to practice outside of the classroom setting. Outside preparation and practice contribute to the student’s success.  If you need ideas and suggestions, I would be happy to share them with you.

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