Fourth and Fifth Grade Compositions!!!

Zachary’s Song 2


Minecraft’s Song


William’s Song 2


Wasay’s Song 3


Untitled Song


Untitled Song 2


This is the Song Peter


The Ship


The Rise of the Vespers


The Dark Side


The Beat Mix


The 1 Song Dabbb




Tanner’s Song


Sydney’s Song


Surya’s Song 5


Surya’s Song 4


Steel’s Song

Sophie’s Song 6



Soomin’s Song 4


Sloane’s Song 4


Sina’s Song 2


Sheyda’s Song 3


Sebastian’s Song 2


Scottydabs More




Sam’s Song


Sam’s Song 2


Sam’s Pop Song


Rock and Techno


Riley’s Song 2


Riley and Calvin’s Song




Pop 3


Pop 2


Phylicia’s Song


Phoebus’ Song 2


Phoebe’s Song 2


Peter’s Song


Peri’s Song 2


Our Song from 5th Grade Mia and Ella


Olivia’s Song 3


Odin’s Song


No Time


Nikki’s Song 2


Nicole Stoyanov


Nathan’s Song


Natalie’s Song 2


My Song


My Song 4


My Song 3


My Song 2


My Song 31


My Song 21


Music’s Song


Music Presentation


Morgan’s Song


Mirabelle’s Song


Mike’s Song 2


Michael’s Song


Meagan’s Song 2


Matthew’s Song 2


Madison’s Song 2


Lulu and Kayla’s Song


Leah’s Song 2


Lainey’s Song 4


Kyler’s Song 2


Kendall’s Song 2



Kellen’s Song


Kaleb Style


Joseph’s Song

Joseph’s Song 2


Jenny’s Song 5


James’ Song


Jacob’s Song 3


Jack’s Song


Jack’s Song 2


Jack’s Song 4


Isabella’s Song


Isabella’s Song 5


Isabel’s Song


Inara’s Song


Hidden Secrets


Genki’s Song


Genki Joshy Tommy


Garret’s Song


Ethan’s Song


Elyse’s Song 7


Elliot’s Song


Elliot’s Song 2


Ella’s Song


Elizabeth’s Song 3


Elena’s Song 5


Eleanor’s Song 3




Drew’s Song 4




Delaney’s Song 2


Dara’s Song


Cody’s Song 2


Claire’s Song


Christopher’s Song 3


Christopher’s Song 2


Charlotte’s Song


Cassidy’s Song


C4K’s Song 3




Black Magic


Benjamin’s Song


Ben’s Song 5


Bella’s Favorite


Beckett’s Song 2


Bass Drop Deluxe


Awesome Songs Sung by the Star, Kelly Pinkstaff


Ava’s Song 5 Saucy


Audel’s Dong 2




Ashley’s Song


Anna’s Song 2


Andrew’s Song


Andrew’s Song 1


Andrew’s Song 4


Amelia’s Song 2


Allison’s Song 3


Allison’s Song 2


Allison’s Song 2


Ali’s Town Song


Alexander’s Song 9


Alex’s Song




Alana’s Song


AJ’s Song 2


Abigail’s Song 3


Abby’s Song 5


Aaron’s Song 3