Third Grade Music 2017-1


I have recorders available that third and fourth grade students can purchase for only $3.00 a piece.  I haven’t enough to sell to their siblings, so please purchase recorders only for the students from those classes.  I also will be keeping recorders in the classroom for students who forget to bring their instruments to school.

Third Graders will also be participating in a very exciting project called The Carnegie Hall – Oregon Symphony Link Up Concert.  All third and fourth grade students will be singing and playing recorder with the OREGON SYMPHONY! – More information will follow as I receive it.

Forest Park Band Program



Welcome to another exciting year of band at Forest Park Elementary School!  Band membership is open to all fourth and fifth graders at Forest Park.

Intermediate (second-year) band will meet at 7:15 AM – 7:45 AM on Tuesdays (beginning on October 3rd).

Beginning (first-year) band will meet at 7:15 AM – 7:45 AM on Thursday mornings (beginning on October 5th).

There are a limited number of school instruments available to rent, including flutes, clarinets, cornets (trumpet)and trombones.  We will ask for more instruments from the district as the need arises.

Instrument rental is $75 for the school year.  They must be returned before the summer, but we will reserve fourth grade students’ instruments for rental during the following year.  I have printed out contracts for instrument rental.   Be sure to fill out the form completely and get it to me ASAP.  You may bring these completed forms to the office so that may be put in my box.

Keep in mind that you will likely get a better instrument and better maintenance for it if you rent the instrument from a local music store.  These usually rent for around $20 per month.  Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing an instrument so I may help you find the best instrument for the best price.  Often students will use instruments pass down from a sibling, parent or grandparent.  I recommend taking these to an instrument repair shop to make sure they are in working order.  Instruments may develop problems over time even when they are not being used.



Forest Park Band Program (Expectations)

Playing a musical instrument can be fun and rewarding, but it does require a bit of discipline to be able to go beyond just playing Hot Cross Buns to being able to read music and participate in a music ensemble.  Every student will get a minimum of 30 minutes per week of instruction on his/her instrument at Forest Park Elementary.  This is not very much time.  Certainly, if a student only plays their instrument during class, s/he will NOT know how to play it even after a year of coming to class; and attempting to playing the instrument will be frustrating.  Daily practice is vital for learning to perform on any musical instrument.  The better we get at playing an instrument the more fun it is!


All band students will use the book,   Standard of Excellence Level 1, for their particular instrument. These may be purchased through Amazon or from a local music store for less than $10.


The instrumental classes will provide clear instructions so that students will know what to practice during the rest of the week.  It is recommended that every student practice at least 30 minutes per day.

I also highly recommend each student taking private lessons on their instruments as time and money will allow. All of the best musicians I have met received many private lessons as a child.  Individual instruction far surpasses class instruction because the private teachers are experts on the specific instrument the students are playing and they are listening and solving technical problems for just one student at a time.  Let me know if you need help finding a good private teacher.