Keefer’s Student Music Compositions

Benjamin’s song #3




Madison’s song #4


Alison’s song #5


Phoebe’s song


Teaghan’s song #3


Elyse’s song #2


Meagan’s song #2


Our awesome song


Gnomuthus Infinitus


William’s song

Lang’s Student Music Compositions

my best in 15 min


Allison’s song


Julia’s song #4


Ella’s song #3


Lulu and Charlotte’s Party Song of Random Noises and Awesomeness


Ashley’s song


Jack’s song


Delaney’s song #4


Nikki’s song #2

Robbins’ Student Music Compositions



Bella’s song 10_5


Cassidy’s song #3


Everything Song


Odin’s song


Christopher’s song #5


Jenny’s song #5


Blake’s song


Isabella’s song


Dark Magic




Audel’s song 2525225


Caroline’s song #2




Kayla’s song #2


Taveon’s song #4


mom melody


Background Music


Fourth and Fifth grade music students are beginning the school year by composing their own music!  It’s very simple when we use a program called, Soundtrap.  They can paste together prerecorded loops and/or make their own recordings.  This is a cross-platform program that can work on any computer, so students can keep working on their pieces at home, using the Google account that they have received from Ms. Gardner.  Go to and have fun!

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