2020 International Festival Expectations for Students

Permission and Expectations for Participating in the Music Performances of the International Festival at Forest Park Elementary – Friday, January 31st at 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Dear Parents:

All Forest Park students are invited to participate in the music performances of the International Festival, which will happen in the gymnasium from 6 – 8 PM.  I will be running the sound that night and will not be able to manage students like I would in a classroom situation.  The children will be managed by parent volunteers who will guide them from the music room to the performance area in the gymnasium.  Therefore, both students and parents need to commit to some guidelines in order for the students to participate effectively:

  1. Everyone should leave and enter the gymnasium quietly.  Performances and videos will be occurring continually from 6:00 – 8:00 PM.
  2. Children will not be allowed in the gym unless accompanied by an adult.
  3. Students will be prepared to perform by reviewing the songs at: forestparkmusic.blog
  4. Student participants must conform to performance expectations as outlined in class, which are adapted to this event as follows: a) Follow the directions of the adults through all transitions quietly and safely. b) Keep eyes on the director (me) throughout the performance for important cues. c) Keep hands, feet, objects, etc. to yourself. d) Perform with your best effort. e) Support only the appropriate behavior of others during the performance and the transitions.
  5. Any “clowning around” during the song or event is distracting and appears disrespectful to the music and other performers and will not be allowed.

The participating students will come to the music room according to the following schedule and will follow the directions of parent volunteers who will bring them to the gymnasium for their performances.  After each performance the students may join their parents in the gymnasium and leave to enjoy other parts of the festival or stay to watch another video or performance.

Performance Schedule:

Music RoomGymnasium
6:00Kindergarteners arrive.Video Showing of Interview about Vietnam with Vinh Tran
6:10Kindergarteners sing and dance Trống Cơm.
6:15Kindergarteners join parents.
6:20First Graders arrive.Video of Iranian Art and Persian Classical Music
6:30First Graders sing Hamoomie
6:35First Graders return to their parents.
6:40Second Graders arrive.Video Showing of Interview about Brasil with 
Eduardo Queiroz
6:50Second Graders sing Vou Te Contar and Cidade Miravilhosa
6:55Second Graders join parents.
7:00Third Graders arrive.Video Showing of Interview about Mexico with 
Monse Lozano
7:10Third Graders sing/play (on recorder) Cielito Lindo and La Llorona.
7:15Third Graders return to their parents.
7:20Fourth Graders arrive.Video Showing of Interview about Slovakia with 
Denisa Warden
7:30Fourth Graders play Theme from Dvorak’s New 
World Symphony (on recorder) and sing Hej 
7:35Fourth Graders join parents.
7:40Fifth Graders arrive.Video Showing of Interview about Kenya with 
Susan Labeja
7:50Fifth Graders sing/play Jambo Bwana and 
7:55Fifth Graders help stack chairs and return to their parents.

Keep the first two pages and return the signatures below to Dr. Bob.

By signing below, I am committing to the expectations as stated above:

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