Working from Home

Hello Forest Park Community,

It was so strange to be working together and then suddenly having to stay home and change all of our plans.  The third and fourth grade field trip to the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall has been cancelled this year, but we will have the option to do the very same program, The Orchestra Sings, next year.  The materials we were using to prepare for this program are available at

Meanwhile, I will be making music activities available for all grades through Seesaw (K-2nd Grades) and Google Classroom (3rd-5th Grades).  You will see me leading the activities videoed in my favorite room in the house, the Music/Yoga Studio. Third and fourth graders will mostly be working in Sountrap while the K-3rd graders will be doing other activities and sharing what they do with their computers’ cameras and microphones.  These activities will be lots of fun and you won’t want to miss any of them.

We are experimenting with these ways of sharing music and sound and I’m looking forward to seeing how you all respond to what I will be putting out there on the Internet for you.  Our goal is to have fun playing with sound and movement. I’m looking forward to the pure joy of seeing and hearing your recordings.

Yours Truly,

Dr. Bob

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