Soundtrap Schedule for 3rd, 4th and 5th Grade Music Students

Grades 3-5 will be working with the program Soundtrap to create their own songs throughout the year. This way, all future music classes will help students get new ideas for their songs. The program only allows for a number of “seats” in the class at a time. I have paid for enough seats for two classes at a time. Every student will be able to access Soundtrap during all of their recorded and live music lessons. Third and fourth grade students will continue to have access after their scheduled class until the following day. Both fifth grade classes will have access all weekend. The schedule for long-term access is as follows:

Monday – Hoslclaw and Robbins

Tuesday – Trinchero and Langton

Wednesday – Bannon and Hoslclaw

Thursday – Robbins and Trinchero

Friday – Langton and Bannon

Saturday – Herkert and Keefer

Sunday – Herkert and Keefer

Songs for the Superpowers on the Month

Thank you for all of your song suggestions! These are the songs I have matched with the Superpowers of the Month:

MonthSuperpower of the Month
SeptemberCommunity (Safe, Respectful, Responsible) – Mumble Grumble, De Colores
OctoberPatience – What About Us? – Pink
NovemberFlexibility – Let It Be – The Beatles
DecemberCuriosity – Into the Unknown – Frozen II
JanuaryGrowth Mindset – Man in the Mirror – Michael Jackson
FebruaryUpstander – Lonely – Alan Walker, Steve Aoki
MarchGratitude – The Best Day – Taylor Swift
AprilKindness – True Colors – Trolls – Justin Timberlake, Anna Kendrick
MayMindful – End of the World – Billie Eilish
JuneNo new word. Recap on our superpowers for the year




Let’s begin this year right by you giving me input about your favorite songs by filling out the survey, linked to this page.  Your choices may be matched with the Words of the Month and will get sung A LOT over the school year.  Information about the music your family likes could help us choose great music for the school’s International Festival.  The link is below and below that is a list of this year’s Words of the Month, so you can use this survey to tell me about songs that address the ideas behind these words:

Link to the Survey

2020-2021 Super Powers (Words of the Month)

This year instead of having a “Word of the Month,” we will have a “Super Power” of the month.

Month Superpower of the Month
September Community (Safe, Respectful, Responsible)
October Patience
November Flexibility
December Curiosity
January Growth Mindset
February Upstander
March Gratitude
April Kindness
May Mindful
June No new word. Recap on our super powers for the year