Songs for the Superpowers on the Month

Thank you for all of your song suggestions! These are the songs I have matched with the Superpowers of the Month:

MonthSuperpower of the Month
SeptemberCommunity (Safe, Respectful, Responsible) – Mumble Grumble, De Colores
OctoberPatience – What About Us? – Pink
NovemberFlexibility – Let It Be – The Beatles
DecemberCuriosity – Into the Unknown – Frozen II
JanuaryGrowth Mindset – Man in the Mirror – Michael Jackson
FebruaryUpstander – Lonely – Alan Walker, Steve Aoki
MarchGratitude – The Best Day – Taylor Swift
AprilKindness – True Colors – Trolls – Justin Timberlake, Anna Kendrick
MayMindful – End of the World – Billie Eilish
JuneNo new word. Recap on our superpowers for the year

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