Melody (Sruti)

Raag Yama


Let’s explore creating our own melodies, using an Indian raga, called Yaman.  Many of the students at Forest Park seem to have access to piano keyboards at home.  Use this diagram to help you find the notes “F” and “C.”  Play them over and over again with your left hand while you play Yaman by playing only the white piano keys with your right hand.  Remember that F and C are you most restful notes while E and B express the most tension because they want to go to F and C.

If you don’t have a keyboard, use the sound file below as your drone and improvise melodies to it using the keyboard at this link:

Click below for your drone:

Also, grades 3 through 5 can do this in Soundtrap by clicking here:

Hear Dr. Bob play Yaman on the clarinet here!