Let’s begin this year right by you giving me input about your favorite songs by filling out the survey, linked to this page.  Your choices may be matched with the Super Powers of the Month and will get sung A LOT over the school year.  Information about the music your family likes could help us choose great music that relates to your family’s culture.  The link is below and below that is a list of this year’s Super Powers of the Month, so you can use this survey to tell me about songs that address the ideas behind these words:

Link to the Survey

2021-2022 Super Powers Month

Month Super Power of the Month
September Community (Safe, Respectful, Responsible)
October Integrity
November Gratitude
December Open Mindedness
January Growth Mindset
February Upstander
March Compassion
April Change Maker
May Mindful
June Happiness. Recap on our Super Powers for the year