Letter from Dr. Patricia Sheehan Campbell

Dear Dr. Price,

I’m delighted to hear from you, a kindred spirit in working with children, working in music, working with diversity and democracy very much in mind as you create curriculum that will open up ears and minds to other people in their neighborhoods, communities, and worlds.  It seems you have a serious project in mind, and that’s grand, working through material to put together an earful of experiences that they can tune to (and turn to, all their lives long).  Do be in touch, as I’m eager to know how things go, taking ideas, fitting them into a grid, and then making them real as you reveal the music one-step-at-a-time to the children.  Interesting, too, is your teaching in higher education, going for the interdisciplinary realms of religion and literature—all of it complementing and deepening your musical perspective. It sounds like remarkable work, altogether.

Best wishes for a productive summer!

Patricia Shehan Campbell
Donald E. Petersen Professor of Music
Head, Ethnomusicology
University of Washington
Chair, Smithsonian Folkways Board