Welcome to the FPE Music Newsletter!

I am excited to be teaching music at Forest Park Elementary this year!  I am inspired to design a special music curriculum for FPE students that will be based what I learn about the students’ musical experiences.  I want to spend at least the first couple of weeks learning about the sounds that surround FTE students.  What music are they listening to?  What kind of music do their parents and grandparents like?  Are there any musicians in the family?  Parents, please talk to your children and give them lots of good information about your music that they can share with the other students and me at school.

We will be working through a process that I am learning about by reading several books from the Global Music Series and particularly from the book, Teaching Music Globally, by Patricia Sheehan Campbell.   We will expand on our musical experiences by exploring music from cultures around the world.  We will not only learn what the music from different cultures sounds like, but we will also learn about how music is taught in those cultures.

Click here to read an encouraging email from Dr. Patricia Sheehan Campbell.

Euphoniously Yours,

Dr. Bob Price